About Us

A pure, Tibetan monastic incense from the Himalayan village of Tashi Jong. It is natural and handmade. It includes 31 medicinal herbs and other precious substances. Lama Chodpa means supreme offering to the Lord

The incense logo depicts a female deity moving in space and holding incense. She represents the Kind Mother. Moving in space represents someone who has infinite love and compassion towards her own children. Similarly always perform actions with good heart that bring happiness and peace to life.
Lama Chodpa incense is made according to a strict Tibetan tradition. It is made up of 31 medicinal herbs and other natural precious substances, lending it a blissful touch. It is hand prepared traditionally according to the instructions of ancient Tibetan manuscripts.

Carefully dried ingredients are thoroughly ground using pestle and mortar.

The artisanal process includes using pure and precious substances in exact proportions. They are hand blended. The components are mixed into a paste.

Then, the paste is extruded in a hand operated unit into 5 to 8 inch lengths. The sticks are carefully dried in open air. The sticks are hand packed in a protective cardboard tubing and then wrapped in screen-printed handmade paper. Then they are sealed with red wax using an auspicious sign seal.

The proceeds from sales of this incense are committed to the support of Nub Gon Monastery and other community based welfare projects.

Using this incense in a correct way and with the right motivation brings good fortune, happiness and peace.

We prepare four different types of incense:

For Meditation
Meditation incense helps cleanse the inner channels, soothes and refreshes mind and body.
For Relaxation
Relaxation incense helps to relieve tension and may give freedom to the mind from depression?. It also refreshes the environment.
For Purification / Cleansing
Lama Chodpa cleansing incense helps to remove external impurities thereby refreshing the mind. It may prevent spread of certain viral diseases and helps in eradication of in-auspiciousness.
Essence of flowers
Flower incense, with a delicate fragrance, is used during prayers. Like blooming flowers, it brings peace and happiness.
Combo Pack
Specially packaged combination of the four types: meditation, relaxation, purification and essence of flowers.
Suggestions for the proper use

1. Visualization:
Visualize in front of you the blessed one, surrounded by a host of sublime beings. They are to be seen transparent, non substantial, as if made out of none physical light. Inspiring compassion, all their transcendent quality are manifested, helping to attain enlightenment. Experience a deep feeling of connection with them.
2. Self purification:
Hold the burning incense and move it in a clockwise direction three times. Feel you are thoroughly purified from all disturbing emotions and negative imprints of your mind.
3. Requesting blessings:
Hold the burning incense and move it in a clockwise direction three times. Feel as if you are receiving blessings that shower wisdom.
4. Indivisible union:
Hold the burning incense and move it in a clockwise direction three times. Feel the sublime being in front of you melt into light. This light in turn dissolves into you. The blessed one’s mind and your mind become inseparable, like water poured on water.
5. Dedication:
Dedicate all the merits that have been developed through this practice to the temporary benefit and ultimate enlightenment of all beings.
Or, if you prefer, just light the incense with a good heart.